QS Quote Limited prepares a takeoff / SOQ available to all trades involved in the tender and price preparation process. By advising Builders to use our services you have the advantage that the tenders, quotes and prices received from Builders and Subcontractors have been based on the same information which in turn ensures a more accurate tender value.



QS Quote Limited provide information at a fraction of the cost that you normally would pay for the preparation of a Schedule of Quantities or Takeoff. Our service is also focused on freeing up your time so that you can address other important and more pressing issues.

Since the Head Contractor has to take ownership in preparing accurate detailed tenders, the same has to ensure that company profitability should be what it is expected to be or anticipated? A reality however is, in most cases the Head Contractor is relient on information provided by sub-contractors or the trade guys, who in turn base their quotes on item prices, specifications and quantities (they negotiate with retailers or wholesalers to understandably coinside with interest at heart). Such a method of pricing has the potential to cause much frustration and additional risk to the Head Contractor (not being able to compare apples with apples during the tender conclusion phase).



QS Quote Limited is aimed at taking good care of you and source you with professionally prepared and accurate information you consider vital, rendering the tender process effortless yet meaningful.

A skilled tradesman or Sub-contractor has a developed ability of merging practical and theoretical knowledge and concepts. As tradesmen and sub-contractors spend long and challenging hours on site away from the office, most often working under pressure, they also have to deal with time constraints, deadlines while staying on top of challenges of sorts.  This does not afford much time to spend on paperwork, interpreting drawings, analyzing specifications and reports, in order to deal with the next quote or tender document in line. Our services gives you the best of both worlds!